Empowering oversight of intelligence in the Western Balkans


KCSS Executive Director, Florian Qehaja held a presentation at the International Conference "Empowering intelligence oversight in the Western Balkans", which was held in the Netherlands Institute of International Relations (Institute Clingandael) on 2 December 2011. The topics of presentations covered his intelligence progress in governance and oversight in Kosovo, including lessons learned that can be applied in North Africa and the Middle East.

The conference was organized by DCAF, Geneva in collaboration with the Institute of International Relations (Clingendael), Netherlands and Dutch Review Committee for Intelligence and Security Services (CTIVD). The purpose of this conference was to discuss the key issues, challenges and opportunities for strengthening democratic and civilian oversight of the security and intelligence services in the Western Balkans. Conference participants included experts selected and independent watchdog of the Western Balkans, various members of the parliamentary oversight and experts from EU member states and a number of leading international scholars. Chatham House Rule is applied throughout the conference.