Western Balkans Security Barometer (WBSB)

About Program

Kosovo Security Barometer (KSB) is a specific program of KCSS which was established in September 2012. This program aime to implement quantitative research methods. Comparing to other programs which are related mainly to the sector or area which cover, KSB program is based exclusively on the unique methodology that applies. Under this program carried out various surveys research as:

- Regular Annual edition of Kosovo Security Barometer - Annual KSB editions are on a periodic basis according to a survey based on feedback from citizens on their trust towards the security institutions, rule of law and justice,  as well as perceptions regarding internal and external risks and threats;

- Special editions of the Kosovo Security Barometer - Special editions of KSB are survey ad-hoc developed by KCSS which are aimed to measure the perceptions of specific issues that are not measured in the regular editions.

- Editions with target audience - This is an underdeveloped segment, which  however will intend to measure perceptions of all citizens in Kosovo, within the specialized categories such as police officers, officials FSK etc.

What is worth mentioning, the Kosovo Security Barometer Program is the fact that the purpose of this program is to first and foremost serve to all other sectoral programs of KCSS in providing unique statistical findings. So this program actually represents one of the main pillars of all sectoral programs KCSS and all activities mentioned above performed in accordance with the needs of research across these sectors that operate within KCSS.